The Dawn of the Age of Acquarius?

December 20, 2012 4:07 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

21.12.2012 – Doomsday or the dawn of the age of Aquarius?  I go along with the idea of the rise of a new consciousness and enlightenment.


Perhaps this new era will bring:


  • Hope, abundance and connectedness
  • A move from a focus on self to an awareness of community
  • A spiritual evolution which connects all religions and sects rather than divides
  • A desire to be transparent and not hide who and what we are
  • A shift from retribution to restoration
  • A focus on strengths rather than weaknesses


I believe this because I have been witnessing this change in people over the last few years.  In my work with Symphonia for South Africa, where we are partnering business leaders with school principals, I have met up with some amazing individuals who illustrate some or all of the above qualities.  I do not recall ever talking to so many people under the age of 30 who want to give their time and gifts to the community – their reward being in giving & knowing that they will receive learning and growth.  There is a wealth of knowledge and experience in a pool of retired (or “re-fired”) men and women who feel that their time has come to give back to the community.


What a wonderful belief to take with us at this time – a true feeling of hope for our future.





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