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Sadika Allie

Merridy is an amazing life coach.

I’d lost some of the belief in who I was and lacked focus and direction.
Her understanding and sympathetic ear coupled with coaching tools helped me to better understand how I had come to forgetting my strengths. By focussing on what makes me unique and how I added value to previous companies, I now have renewed energy and drive for achievement. I would highly recommend Merridy Edgson.

Sunet Klopper – project manager, city of CT

Merridy was kind enough to coach me pro-bono as part of my requirements to also become a registered coach. So firstly, thank you for your kind heart. Merridy is a very calm person in her nature and hence had a very calming effect on me to just relax and clearly think as she guided me through a series of questions. These questions would often lead me to insights I would not have otherwise come to. A very valuable part of my coaching journey with her was the Enneagram test and the detailed feedback and discussion that followed with Merridy. Her understanding and interpretation of the results of this assessment is worth noting! This is something every single person should do as the value is priceless! I am very grateful for the insights I gained through this experience with Merridy and one key outcome I learned was how to breath and calm my mind! Thank you.

Louise Hendey

Recently I completed the Integrated Enneagram assessment. The survey was very user-friendly and technically easy to complete online. To me, this is an important factor as previously I have completed assessments that are fraught with technical hitches which render them both frustrating and then place question on their validity. The results of the Integrated Enneagram were presented in a comprehensive professional report, which offered me detailed insights into my personality, relationships and coping mechanisms. I found it invaluable in providing me with the insights to develop myself and build my leadership competencies. In particular, I valued the debriefing session with my Integrated Enneagram Coach, Merridy Edgson. I think this is an important part of the process as it enables in-depth discussion on the information contained in the report and how best to interpret and use it.

Toni Knowles – merchandise executive, Sterns

Direct Communication – Merridy did challenge me, offer her observations, but the main benefit for me was the fact that she did not offer solutions but enabled me to think of the solutions myself.

Powerful questions – For me this was the major benefit as I feel that I am now able to think about issues differently, I am able to stand back from situations and deal more holistically with them and therefore feel that I am able to manage them better and hopefully this is having a more positive impact on the team.

Creating awareness – The coaching and particularly the 360 brought home the issues that I subconsciously thought that I needed to address but was not sure of how to address. Importantly even if I revert to “type” behaviour I am now aware of how to address this and correct it. It has given me confidence and the ability to stand back. The best outcome will be the ability of the team to confidently function independently.

Christelle Cornelius – programme director, Ikamva Labuntu

Coaching has become my investment in myself. I am taking time out to help myself in areas that I’ve defined as areas that need to be worked on. You have accepted this, creating the space, motivation and challenge as does your affirming style and relaxed approach in assisting me in this journey so far.

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