Serendipity & Synchronicity

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Serendipity and synchronicity are two of my most favourite words.  Not only do they sound splendid but they often have such significant consequences.

Serendipity is often the creative outcome from a mind which is open to all possibilities.  While it is important to have a strong focus on strategies and tasks, there is a time when allowing your mind to wander is important for discovering new ideas.  Creative and innovative solutions often occur by chance when your mind is in “seeking” mode.

Synchronicity is the experience of two or more events which appear to be unrelated, but often have meaningful consequences.  Again, an open awareness of these events can lead to significant outcome.  Noticing when synchronicity occurs can be an important discovery and lead to new journeys.

It seems to me that intentionality lies behind both phenomena followed by an open mind.  For serendipity to occur, perhaps there needs to be a conscious desire to find a solution or innovation, even though the answer may seem to happen by chance.  There have been some charming stories of synchronicity recently, including some of my own experiences.  In most cases, it seems that both events happened through the stated intentions of people seemingly unrelated.

Relax, breathe, allow your attention to wander a little and be ready to receive what serendipity brings.





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