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Some time ago, my daughter sent me this link regarding a teacher’s powerful lesson on privilege and I wanted to share it – http://9gag.com/gag/aqZD3OR. It really got me thinking about the way we generally aren’t aware of others and their circumstances. We tend to focus on ourselves and see the world from only our perspective. A growing concern – for me, at least – is that people who are closest to achieving their goals are less likely to see how difficult it is for those in the “back row”.

I am not arguing that those in the front should not continue to strive to reach their destination, but to turn around and notice those who have less advantage. To become consciously aware of the difference in situation.  To consider whether there is a way to continue the journey and make it easier for others to walk with you.

My own experience has taught me that spending time with people who have little in the way of resources and facing the challenges in their environment with them, helps to heighten awareness and increase compassion and empathy.

Self-awareness is at the core of personal development, particularly with regard to the growth of emotional and social intelligence.  There is nothing that increases knowledge of ourselves better than focusing on others, listening and seeing them without judgement and with deep compassion.

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