On Golden Pond

August 27, 2012 6:26 am Published by Leave your thoughts

It was another cold and damp morning and the sky was an amalgam of three shades of grey which perfectly reflected my mood. I was pondering over the long winter and wondering when a little fun could re-enter my life. As I approached the nearby dam, I looked up in wonder at the complete transformation – the water was bathed in brilliance and the surrounding ducks, trees and homes were outlined with tinges of gold. It amazed me at how quickly my spirit lifted. Would the sight of this picture of golden serenity have had the same effect if the whole journey had been consistent?

I have had many conversations with the people I am currently working alongside and there is a recurring them theme emerging. The bits and pieces of life which have stood out for them as highlights and represented the pivotal point at which their lives changed, have followed from incredible sadness, hardship and sometimes tragic circumstances.

If such intense joy only comes after life’s trials, we can look at life’s challenges with renewed energy.

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