Finding your Way

June 28, 2012 8:29 am Published by Leave your thoughts

We often hear how important it is to keep focused on our goals and to believe in our ability to achieve them.  To define and refine our objectives and when we lose our way, to seek guidance in getting back on the path.  That is all true,  but how do we move forward if we don’t really know where we are going?

Sometimes it is best to be still.  To reflect on our strengths, our inner values and beliefs.  To define our purpose in life.

The starting point is self-awareness and there are many tools to help us understand ourselves: our skills, strengths, behaviour, principles, values and what simply makes us happy or adds to our stress.  Diagnostic tests help us to a certain point, but it is important to look deeper. Some people find meditation helps, others prefer to journal.  Simply indulging in your favourite past-time can bring new insights.

When we have had a chance to interrogate our values and belief system and discovered the special gifts we can offer to the world, we can define our destination.  Once on the right path, it is helpful to have someone keep in step with us as we find our way.


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