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I am writing this on the morning of 8th August 2017 when a vote of no confidence in our President is being prepared for Parliament this afternoon.
Our Speaker shocked many when she opted for a secret ballot. Will the result be shocking too? Will it be the unexpected Zexit? Whatever the outcome, we need to assess how it will affect us personally, our family and friends and then the nation. We will need to consider our options and make our decisions. I have learned that there is no merit in having our expectations so high that our disappointment hits a new low. Await with anticipation but be ready to accept the outcome.
In any possible change in our lives, we need to take the same path. Do what we can to influence positive change but accept what transpires and adjust our own journey accordingly. Continue to work towards a better future, reflect on how we uphold our values and make the world a better place for ourselves and those around us.

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