mE Coaching combines business experience with coaching and facilitation to create individual growth, integrated leadership development and cohesive teams.

Creating Awareness

Being aware of both yourself and others is the key to unlocking growth – in your personal life and as a leader. The coaching process encourages you to look inwards and reflect in order to live a life of authenticity.

Clarifying Purpose

Whether as an individual or a team, discovering our motivations, values and belief systems is all part of the journey. Concentrating on these principles and strengths helps reveal our true reason for being.

Connecting to Possibility

We have the ability to accomplish so much more that we often allow ourselves to believe. In order to connect with our own possibility, we need to build on our sense of self, acknowledge our strengths and focus on our goals.

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An integrated approach to develop collaborative leaders who have heightened awareness, self-management, focus and a clear view of the future. A committed and cohesive team with shared vision and purpose, authority and ownership.


Fixed on Fixing
Fixed on Fixing
We all have those people in our lives. Those super organised people who always know what to do or who to contact if they don’t. Usually, they eat moderately, drink moderately, exercise regularly and...
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